Professor Susanna Aleksandrovna Barkhash, the founder of pediatric ophthalmology in Ukraine (on the occasion of the 110th birthday)


  • Nadiya Bobrova


This article is to commemorate the 110th birthday of Professor Susanna Aleksandrovna Barkhash and presents data on her life, activities as a doctor and a researcher, as well as her contributions to the advances in pediatric ophthalmology in Ukraine. S.A. Barkhash was an outstanding pupil of Acad. V.P. Filatov who came to the conclusion that she was an ideal person for the position of the first chief of the pediatric department which he established at the institute in 1946. She was a founder of pediatric penetrating keratoplasty and accumulated the world’s greatest experience in this procedure (756 operations) which has not been surpassed so far. Professor S.A. Barkhash was heading the department over 30 years. During that period, there were publications on numerous issues of pediatric eye disease, and numerous methods of diagnostic evaluation and treatment were described, which are still used by the department in routine diagnostic evaluation and treatment of patients.